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Those adorable teddy bears are back


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Alphabear 2 is a puzzle game where players take on the challenge of assembling words letter by letter in each level. The objective is similar to gameplay in the first game within this saga. Simply use letter pieces so your friendly little bears grow and move from space to space. But, you'll need to go as fast as you can because each letter tab has a countdown to zero. Once you're out of time, that letter turns into stone and you won't get to use it again.

Gameplay is again, quite simple. With the letters available on screen you'll have to create new words -- the longer the better, as you'll rack up more points and combos. From time to time you'll find there are options to string up longer words with letters that are on the brink of turning into stone. Whenever one of your letters turns into stone, you lose a lot of points, so watch out. When it comes to strategic elements to bare in mind, your objective is to create as much space as possible for your bears.

Alphabear 2 has a ton of different levels and a huge variety of different bears -- each cuter than the last. This time around the game comes with an added level of customization whereby each of the bears can be personalized and styled with different costumes that you unlock as you play. In fact, dressing up each bear is practically a whole game in itself.

This kind of gameplay that's fresh and fun hits hard and fast and is just as addictive as the original game within this saga. But Alphabear 2 isn't just a well-designed game, it also has outstanding graphics with literally hundreds of adorable bears to follow you along on each move you make.
By Erika Okumura

Android 6.0 or higher required.

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